Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Journey to India

After the second episode of Febrile Seizure, we were very careful with Aadi's fever or any health related issue. Luckily there were none until I decided to go to India to visit family.

In May 2008 I went home for a 2 month vacation. On 30th May Aaditya and I left for Mumbai, we were really happy to go home as it was our trip after almost 1.5 years.

As I was packing, Amol was telling me how I should be careful with the water that Aadi drinks, the rains - he must not get wet, he is not used to it. He must not play in the mud, he could get sick.....and the list went on. I knew Amol was worried for Aadu and since he himself was not going to be there during this trip to India, he was making sure he voiced his concerns....but the truth I think is that he was trying to mask his sadness of having to part with his little soldier for that long a period.

Anyways, we landed in Mumbai, the family was there to receive me, and actually I had not told my mum that I was coming; so the trip was actually a surprise for her, and also a sort of birthday gift for her 1st June birthday!!

During the next month, Aadu was healthy, and did not even as much catch a cold. I was feeling very relieved that he did not have any health complaints with the change in weather etc.
We did go out to the park in Juhu (opposite Sahakari Bhandar..now Reliance Fresh) and he would run around the jogging/walking track. He would actually take one and a half round jogging, and that was great according to me coz I never saw a child his age run that much. He would then play on the swings, play in the sand, run after butterflies. He would get exhausted after that; and here I used to think that after all that play it is natural for a child his age to fall asleep.

I really had little or no way of comparing Aadu's stamina to other children. During this trip however, my aunt and her little son also came down; he was just around 2 years of age. So I had just him to compare with.

He (my aunts son Atharva) is always jumping around, and never sat still for more than 5 minutes. But he would hate to run or walk in the park, and would insist that my aunt carry him.
Compared to him, Aaditya would play at home; but could sit and watch cartoons or even a movie continuously without getting bored. At the same time, once he is out of the house and in the open there is no stopping him and his running around.

So here also I really saw no "red flags".

Early July, Aadu had a mild fever, and I gave him Panadol Syrup, to counter it. This worked well. But the fever continued for about a week and then I decided to take him to Mrs. Daftary (his Pediatrician since birth)

What proceeded next I shall write in my next post.

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  1. That's absolute truth that I missed my soldier.. but I did also miss a lot, my soldier's mom :)


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