Tuesday, March 31, 2009

9th July 2008

As mentioned in the last post, Aaditya had mild fever running for almost 1 week, so finally I decided to head to Dr. Daftary.
At the clinic, Dr. Atul checked Aadi, then he called over Dr. Daftary to check Aadi, This had never happened before, Dr. Atul had never asked Dr. Daftary to check Aadi ever!!
At that moment I knew something was wrong, but thought that it would be related to the fever.

Then Dr. Atul told me that there were something wrong about his systolic heartbeat, and that we should get it checked by a 2-D Echo Cardiogram.
I had never heard of a 2-D Echo before this, I was very confused.

They gave me numbers to Dr. Bharat Dalvi's clinic in Matunga, telling me that he is the best when it comes to childhood heart ailments.

When I heard that....my head was in a tizzy, I tried my very best to concentrate on what the doctors were saying.

Dr. Daftary said there was no need to be alarmed, we just want to rule out the possibility of a heart ailment hence the 2-D Echo.

I kept that in mind and headed home.

I called Dr. Bharat Dalvi's clinic upon reaching home, and got an appointment only for the 15th of July, and I was not willing to wait till then; because in my mind I thought that we have to just get it checked once and get over with it, so the sooner we check the better.

So the next morning, I went to our family doctor, Dr. Rao in Andheri and he suggested another Cardiologist in Andheri, Dr. Ratnaparkhi. He told me that this cardiologist is well known, and was a good friend oh his. Dr. Rao even called him in my presence and fixed up an appointment for the same evening.

While at Dr. Rao's he checked Aaditya and told me that according to his diagnosis there was no problem, but all rests in God's hands (I remember he pointed to a picture of Lord Ganesha behind him).

By this time, I was tensed and it showed. My mom tried very hard to divert my attention, but the worry just kept eating bits of my heart.

I also remember that while washing some glasses, I actually broke one. Now I am not an overtly superstitious person, but I don't know there was something about that day and when that glass broke I knew I would face some bad news.

In all this time, I had not told my brother about this. I think he was going through a very busy patch at work and hence me and mom decided to keep him out of this, since we had to just get the 2-D echo done to rule out any problem.

This was another mistake I made, because for me my brother is my pillar of strength, my rock solid support. Without him by my side I was just not stable.


  1. Neelum,I can imagine what state of mind you must have been.I got goosebums even while reading it.

  2. Good writing Neelum!I can imagine what you went through as a mother.You sensed that something was wrong but you did not know what and the waiting period must have been unbearable!

  3. Hi Neelum! It is amazing to see you find the courage to write about this. I hope your son feels better now.


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