Friday, August 14, 2009

13th August 2008 @ Narayana Hrudayalaya

In the morning, we stayed at the guest house, tried to relax.
It was afternoon when we went to Narayana, we already had a room booked for Aadi. After we went to our room, the sister on duty came and took Aadi's details, and we weighed him. Next we were told about the tests that needed to be done.
We did the 2-D Echo cardiogram again, this time with the surgeons team there to analyse and decide what treatment was best. A lady doctor from amongst them explained it all to me and told me how 'Device-closure' was not a good option for him, and that 'Surgical closure' via an 'Open Heart Surgery' was best option.
After this test we went back to our room.
We were sharing our room with another family. They were from the Baluch province of Pakistan. After exchanging pleasantries with them, we found that they were there to treat their 9 year old son, who had had a previous heart surgery and this second one was the major one. Where 3 corrections were going to be made to his heart.
All through the floor where we were living, I saw families from Nigeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Iran etc.
Even from within India, people were from far flung places like Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Kashmir etc.

We were told that Aadi's surgery would be in the first session of the morning meaning the early morning time, and that we will have to be prepared by 6 AM.
During the evening a Doctor came and explained the 'Consent Form' to me, and I signed it after going through it. Another Doctor came and we went through Aadi's health records once more, and he asked me for all minute details of his previous illnesses.

At night I was given a brown-yellow liquid, to bathe Aadi. This was in preparation for the surgery. I was asked to remove all his jewellery.
I conjured up all my courage to bathe him. He of course did not understand why he was bathing at night and that too with a soap that was not his !! I remember he asked me for his own 'Green soap'; his Mothercare liquid soap.


  1. I came here from your comment on my blog. All the very best, dear Neelum and to your darling son. God bless you all. and your son is in my prayers and thoughts. Love. Take care.

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  6. Hello Neelum aunty, i usually don't read blogs but I'm very curious to know about how is wadi doing now? :)

    P.S : I also have visited Dr.Dalvi.


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