Thursday, August 13, 2009

12th August 2008 @ Narayana Hrudayalaya

Our entire treatment at Narayana was possible only with the tireless, selfless and prompt help and guidance of Mr. Alphonse, who is the personal assistant of Dr. Colin John.
He had asked us to come early around 8 AM to the hospital. Upon reaching there we did the initial admission procedure, which had a nominal fees, and I must tell you how the staff at the counters was patient, efficient and helped and guided everyone.

We waited to meet Dr. John, who was in surgery; Mr. Alphonse, took us and some other parents with children to meet Dr. John. Once our turn came, we all entered the room (looked like a conference room with a video screen etc) and Dr. John was there dressed in his green scrubs. He greeted each one of us warmly, asked us what we did, where we were from etc; made us comfortable and only then asked us what was the problem with Aaditya. We told him and also mentioned that Dr. Bharat Dalvi from Mumbai had recommended us to him. Dr. John said that Dr. Dalvi was a dear friend of his and he trusted his diagnosis completely. He asked Mr. Alphonse to check his diary so that we could decide the day of the surgery. 14th August was chosen as the day. Dr. John comforted us saying that ' it is in Gods' hands'....He asked us not to worry and shook our hands and did a polite 'Namaste' to my mum. He even had lollipops for Aadi !!

After meeting Dr. John, I knew I had made the right decision of coming to Bangalore, for I was instantly able to place all my trust in him.

The rest of the day, we spent in doing the hospital procedures for the proper admission for surgery.
We were also asked to meet a Pediatric Doctor who asked us all the details about Aadi, right from his birth. I had made a note of all his Vaccination dates, his health related issues like his febrile seizures, I also mentioned the medications which he took to reduce fever in case of a febrile seizure. This doctor was also a very good one, who assured us that Aadi would be just fine in a few days after the surgery, he would lead a normal life, study, play, work, join the army, go to the Olympics, have a family of his own. Basically he tried to tell us that after the surgery Aadi can do what ever he wishes to do.
We also did tests like: a chest x-ray, 2-D Echo Cardiogram, Blood tests to confirm blood type and also for other critical data, and an ECG.

All this process nearly took the entire day, and we went back to the guest house. We did not want to immediately start living in the hospital. We decided to go there on 13th in the afternoon.

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  1. Hope your son is all well now.....


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