Sunday, February 15, 2009

About the title of the blog

Hi friends, as promised the much talked about and much awaited blog is here. I want to spend a little while in explaining the title of the blog to you all.
The title: 'Fruit of my labour'
actually means exactly what is means, that is: Aaditya is the fruit of my 22-hour labour; I am talking about his birth !!
It all began on 22nd August, when I went for my regular scheduled checkup to see my Doctor (Dr. Shirish Daftary, Juhu, Mumbai). The checkup was fine, and I was told I have another week to go. I come home, relax and doze off and then I wake up, and am having tea...and then I feel the urge to go to the bathroom, I go but the trickling didn't stop, thankfully I had read about the water-breaking etc. So I just told my mom that I think it's time to go to the hospital. My hospital bag was packed ahead of time so I did not have to rush at all. In fact my water broke at around 5:30 PM, and we went to the hospital at only 8:30 PM, as I walked inside I saw Dr. Daftary emerging from his room, and he looked at me quizzically and I said to him 'Doctor my water broke' and he then asked me to come into his clinic, called the sisters and checked me. And then he said ' are in labour, and we will admit you now'.
Now before we left for the hospital mom called my in laws in Pune, who said they would be in Mumbai shortly, next mom called my Dad who was posted in Madhya Pradesh at that time, he said he is leaving immediately and would reach early morning. He was going to take the road-route. Next I called Amol (the papa of the baby-to come) who was in Singapore and he got busy immediately with his ticket booking for the next available flight.
After all the formalities of the hospital admission, we went up to my room, and I was assigned room no.3; and I remember asking the sister weather room no. 4 was available. I have a thing with the number 4. Anyways it was occupied so I had to stay on in 3.
The contractions had started and though they were not very strong, they were enough to cause discomfort. My cousin Supriya, my mom, my brother took turns in rubbing my back.
My in laws reached the hospital at around 11:30 or maybe later (I don't remember the exact time). But due to security policy of the hospital they were not allowed upstairs, after a lot of pleading and my brother spoke to Dr. Daftary telling him that they have come all the way from Pune, he allowed only my MIL to come up and see me. I don't remember this meeting also...maybe I was sleeping or just conked out due to exhaustion.
The contractions were getting stronger, but somehow I knew that 'Bubu' (that's what we called Aadu when he was in my tummy) would not come out at night.
So after a restless, sleepless night, I was grateful that it was morning, and then mom told me that Papa had already reached and was sent home for rest and sleep (coz anyway the hospital would not have allowed him to come up either). Next to arrive was Amol, who came at around 11:30 to the hospital, once he was there I felt better. The pains were unbearable by then and shortly I was taken to the labour-room. I had discussed with my doc that I would want Amol to be there during the birth. So Amol was in with me for some time, then I don't remember what happened, he went out, then I my mom came in and then no one was there...only the sisters and me...I lost track of time, and I remember the doctors would drop in every 20 minutes or so to check on me. I remember Dr. Daftary coming and he said to me that 'if the baby is not out in the next 2 hours we will have to do a c-section because it will be 24 hours since my water broke'.
Somehow I knew I would not the c-section, and luckily Bubu decided to finally make his entry..I heard his cry and the sister said it is 2:50 PM of 23rd August !!
So that was the story of Aaditya's birth and my 22 hour labour !!

And so I call him 'the fruit of my labour'
I think I deserve to call him that !!

Me in my hospital room, timing the contractions

My Cousin Supriya, supporting my back to ease the discomfort.

Our first family photograph

Finally me and 'the fruit of labour' - Bubu - Aaditya


  1. Lovely start to your blog... Look forward to see it grow..

  2. dear neelum - its great that you are doing this - like i said earlier - you are the bravest and the best momma there is...


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